Using video and images in Extricate

February 13th, 2011

Extricate is great at presenting your content, and that includes images and videos, not just text. For example, say you wanted to post a nice soothing image of wind turbines in rural northern Germany (sized at 468 pixels wide to match the grid), well, then, that’d look a bit like this:

Wind turbines near Rerik, Bad Doberan, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

Nice, right? Ok, so maybe you liked the wind turbines so much, you want to post a bigger image — how about 608 pixels wide? Still matches the grid, as long as it can use the full width of the post column. And it can, with the addition of the hang-left class to the image (go to image settings, then advanced settings, then simply add hang-left in the CSS class field):

Wind turbine near Stolzenhagen, Brandenburg

Very cool. But let’s suppose you also have some video. Let’s put it in, at a grid-matching 470 pixels width:

Or, by again adding the hang-left class to the video, let’s go big and embed it at a full-width 610 pixels:

Pretty sleek! Of course, there are other options for inserting your images and videos into posts — best to give it a go for yourself and see what suits your needs.

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