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  1. Love your theme! Very nice.

    I could die happy if you would add a page template that would allow a full width page or post. (no sidebar). Occasionally it would be nice to just have a pure clean full width page to work with.

    However a job well done in any case. Thanks.

  2. well… i must say that extricate is really the best and most beautiful minimal and responsive theme i know. and free…
    so, what to ask?
    ok, if i’m going to do it… i’d like to have extricate on a ‘tumblr version’. yes, that would be great.
    i know, it’s too much work with all the post types and templates for a free theme. but it would be great, wouldn’t it?
    so, meanwhile it doesn’t comes out, i’ll use the woo plugin. it works fine, but it isn’t the same, you know, like you’ve done with the social sharing, for example.
    well, these are my two cents. keep on with the excellent work, and thank you for this wonderful theme.

    • Hi Carlos…

      Thank you very much for the kind words! Glad you liked the theme. 🙂

      Unfortunately, now I have to disappoint you – there are no plans at the moment for a Tumblr version of the theme. Between work and all the other real-life commitments, there’s simply too much other stuff on my plate to do this. If you know any other designers or developers who would like to try it, I’d gladly help them out with it, though.

      Thanks again,


      • Hi Tom,
        thax for your reply.
        I already sent you an e-mail about it.

        So, I’m looking forward for new developments on this wonderful theme (hoping that it never loses its minimalism and elegance), and once I re-open my blog I’ll write about it.


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  4. I have downloaded Extricate, but when I try to make a menu, the options show up vertically instead of horizontally. Any reason why this is happening?

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