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February 7th, 2011

Block quotes:

A curmudgeonly gargoyle among preening pantomime rebels. The rabbit killer left his home for the club and said goodbye to his infertile spouse. I feel withdrawn. And I feared fear was making sludge of my head. Academic male slags, ream off names of books and bands. Like your psychotic big brother, who left home, for jobs in Holland, Munich, Rome. Nymphette new romantics come over the hill.

Block quotes within block quotes:

There’s no need to go berserk if you don’t scratch my nice blue Merc. The man whose head expanded knew, who stole cafe collection box. I’m away being refurbished. Haven’t you heard of me?

Recruited some gremlins to get me clear of the airline routes. I used to have this thing about Link Wray, I used to play him every Saturday. Your mystic jump suits cannot hide your competitive plagiarism. He sees jawbones on the street, advertisements become carnivores.

In the marble halls of the charm school, how flair is punished. Republic grim truth hot blood erupts, you’re like a pair of dogs loose in McGregor’s kiln. Carry bags strewn all around the room.

Ordered list:

  1. There’s a silent rumble, in the buildings of the night council
  2. Buffalo lips on toast, smiling
  3. Republic grim truth hot blood erupts
  4. Mirrors can’t hide the toxic of disfigured poxes
  5. Jingles! Cabaret! Merseybeat!

Unordered list:

  • His oppression abounds — His type is doing the rounds
  • I’m Joe Totale, the yet unborn son
  • This hideous replica!
  • Wireless enthusiast intercepts government secret radio band and uncovers secrets and scandals of deceitful type proportions
  • Leave the capitol, exit this Roman shell


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Headings (h1 through to h6):

H1: Insect posse will be crushed

H2: The fantastic is in league against me

H3: There is no mail in the house of contempt

H4: Suck on marrowbones and energy from the mainland

H5: On that fruited plain the corporate bishops graze
H6: I skin my cat with rubber teeth

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